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36 Years of Teaching Artistic Expression Through Piano Lessons

Established in 1987, Hines Music Studio is a great place to start your journey in music. As a distinguished musician and certified music instructor, I, Pamela Hines, founded Hines Music Studio. My mission is to create future pianists who can enroll with me and start learning at any age, even as young as 3.5 years. Whether or not you have played any instrument before, you or your child are already an artist in the making.
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Where Am I Located?

Hines Music Studio has recently been relocated to Dothan, Alabama, where I have been operational in my new location since February 2021.

About the Founder

I am Pamela Hines, a certified music teacher and an active member of the National Federation of Music Clubs. I founded the club High Notes in the NFMC to help create a musical and cultural environment for young learners. I have been a private piano instructor for 36 years and have decades of experience and knowledge in offering young children piano lessons.

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Why is Studying Music Important?

Learning to play a musical instrument demands dedication, patience, and consistent effort. It requires attention to detail, which reinforces a strong sense of discipline as individuals become more accustomed to giving their full focus to tasks. This character grooming from music education greatly impacts individuals when they learn it young.

However, some young people stop practicing and playing as they grow older. Consequently, they often regret losing a skill they worked so hard to acquire, as they find it hard to keep up with the self-discipline, greater attention span, and finesse they once had while learning music.

Studying music and learning to play musical instruments is extremely important because it nurtures your self-growth and hones you into a more skilled individual. It gives you an appreciation for music and the ability to reproduce art. It shapes your personality growing up as a more mature, stable, and intelligent individual.

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